The Rise Of Bootcamp

The Pick Up Bootcamp is a Vancouver-based independent arts and music production company. The company started in 2021 as Roxyballs and later became Roxy-Punch. In addition to releasing independent music from its own studio, the company tours across Canada, in addition to having an active concert presence. Some of their music has been heard on several Canadian radio shows.

To date, the company has made four full-length albums. Two were self-recorded, with the other being mixed by another artist, Eddy and Roxyballs co-producer Aaron Rutt. Both of those albums have gone digital download. They have also collaborated with several other artists including Laura Marling, Kero, and Skye Smith. Many of those projects have had minor label support.

Pick Up Bootcamp was created in response to the independent scene of the early 2021’s. It was quickly apparent that many artists were not using proper sampling correctly, resulting in poor sound quality. This resulted in a lot of frustration from listeners who wanted to listen to great music but could not because of poor recording techniques or sloppy mixing. These issues led to increased complaints about the lack of integrity among some artists. The advent of internet marketing allowed independent artists to build reputations online. In addition, the internet allows these artists to sell music in various formats that are difficult to reproduce on vinyl and CDs.

The pick up crowd at Roxyball’s concerts are always amazed when they hear the music for the first time. “This isn’t what we’re used to,” says organizer Lisa Grant. “But it’s a good thing that independent artists have found each other and are now sharing their music.” She says there is some resistance to this new style of music coming out of Vancouver, Canada, but once people see the level of talent that is available they’ll realize that it’s a totally valid movement. “The industry will have to catch up,” she admits.

Bootcamps are used for a variety of different reasons.

  • At a show for an established band, Bootcamp attendees are encouraged to mix and match with other attendees for improvising a show.
  • At an indie club, an artist may need to cut his talk time by half in order to focus solely on their instrumental music.

They are also a good way to learn about new musical techniques and to improve production techniques. The artists who learn to properly manipulate the equipment can create an atmosphere that inspires creativity.

There are many ways to produce music, and Bootcamp offers a creative outlet that can be used by independent artists. For instance, the production technology can be used as a way to make demos that can be given to record labels for consideration. The advantage to the artist is that he or she is in control of the entire production process, from the mixing to the mastering. If music is produced well, an independent artist can gain serious mainstream popularity.

In a sense, Bootcamps are like music school for the music industry. The best thing about them is that they can be done right at home. An artist doesn’t have to worry about trying to get discovered, they simply have to make the music that the public wants. With so many websites dedicated to independent music, it makes sense that there would be an abundance of Bootcamps.

The best thing about Bootcamps is that they can be used by independent artists from all over the world, regardless of their level of experience. It can help them develop their skills, and it can also help them to meet people who share the same interests. This type of environment is perfect for people who are looking to build a successful career in the music industry.

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