The Best Pickup Artist Books

Pickup artist books are a great source for information on the art of pick-up. You can get some very valuable information from these books. You will learn about the women you would go to parties and other social gatherings with and also get tips on how to approach women you may come across in daily life.

Some books cover subjects such as “How to Pick Up Beautiful Women,” and others give more advanced techniques on seduction. Often pick-up books include the following questions:

  • how to start a conversation with a girl;
  • how to know if a girl likes you;
  • how to seduce a girl;
  • how to invite the girl on a date and so on. There is something for everyone in these books.

“Revelation” by Chris Odom

The best books are written by Chris Odom. His first book, called “Revelation”, gave a very detailed description of how to pick up beautiful women in bars and clubs, and how to create great impressions at the same time. He has since developed a following of readers who want to learn from him. “When I Know It – How the Pros Get Girls” is still the most popular of all his pickup artist books.

This is a very helpful manual for any man who wants to pick up beautiful women and develop their social life. You learn what to say to women, how to set up situations so that they will approach you, how to have great self-esteem and confidence, and how to get women to notice you. This book also has tons of great examples of a pickup artist’s success. Chris Odom knows what he is talking about when it comes to building social skills, seducing women, and is picking up girlfriends.

“The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists” by Neil Strauss

Another of the best books on the market is by Neil Strauss and it’s called “The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists”. It  is one of the most comprehensive and helpful guides out there. It’s also one of the most expensive. The reason it’s so expensive is that it’s actually pretty good. It takes pickup artists through the process of learning seduction from the best pickup artists in the business, as well as offering tons of other useful information.

Neil Strauss shares with us the inside secrets of the pickup artist community. Did you know that some of these tricks work almost every time? Neil explains exactly how to make women approach you, and why some of these techniques work better than others. It’s all in here folks.

One of the more controversial tracks that Neil teaches is called “negging”. Begging is a low-level insult used by pickup artists against another person. Neil explains the pros and cons of using this tactic in detail. Also, it’s very important to know if you’re using this tactic correctly or not. You can seriously ruin a potential sexual encounter if you don’t know what you’re doing.

“A Guide to Seduction” by Jeff Julkowski

Another thing you may be interested in reading in pickup artist books is “A Guide to Seduction”. Created by the master seduction artist Jeff Julkowski, this book creates a unique new way of thinking about seduction. It’s something I wish I had discovered years ago, and now, it’s available to me.

Pickup artists anonymous guides new followers all over the world on how to approach beautiful women, and even more importantly, how to seduce them right when they least expect it. If you want to know exactly how pickup artists master seduction and all the secrets they use, this is the book for you. There is even a video included!

“Seducing Women: The Secrets Of Anal Power” by Adam Lyons

With over forty pages of seduction secrets and techniques picked from the pickup artist’s own experience, Adam Lyons’ brand new book “Seducing Women: The Secrets Of Anal Power” will definitely blow you away with how effectively it applies to you. What makes this guide so great is that it comes with a full money-back guarantee. The reason I love this method is that I don’t think there’s any other system out there like it. pickup artists don’t often get the help they need from mainstream media products.

“The Rational Male: Penetrating the Mind of a Woman That Puts Her in Bed” by Christopher Freville

Another great pick-up artist book is “The Rational Male: Penetrating the Mind of a Woman That Puts Her in Bed” by Christopher Freville. This guide was written by a professional in the field of dating and seduction, Christopher Freville. His knowledge is extensive, and his techniques have been tried and tested by thousands of guys. Most of his material is in audio format, which is perfect because you can listen to it as often as you want without having to invest any money into it. If you want to impress a woman, there’s nothing better than listening to something that had already worked for so many other men.

“Seducing Women: The Smart Way to Seduce & Date Beautiful Women” by Adam Lyons

Perhaps the most well-known pick-up artist book is “Seducing Women: The Smart Way to Seduce & Date Beautiful Women” by Adam Lyons. This book shares his journey in learning how to be an alpha male and seducing women in ways that are more effective than other methods. He also shares with you his social life and some of the mistakes he made along the way, as well as giving you information on how to get the results you want from dating.

All in all, there are several things to consider when looking for a book on pick-up atristry. They say that it should check out the following top-3 characteristics:

  1. Author’s experience.
  2. Practical exercises.
  3. Provided studies.

However, remember that pick-up artistry books are not a “one size fits all” kind of deal, so you always have to adapt the information to yourself.

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