Recently, I offered a rare and exclusive one time free small group coaching to a shortlisted group of people. These group consisted of my ex clients, friends of theirs and some of my personal friends who wanted help in this area of their life.

I’m actually quite surprised that a lot of them turned down the offer, citing reasons such as 1) I’m not ready yet 2) I want to do it alone. I was actually quite disappointed at the response rate.

I knew at the heart of it, they were had some fears holding them back, and avoiding something.

However, one of them went through with it, and I did a 2 hours day time approaches coaching session with him right in the heart of Singapore. So off we went, I did my approaches to demonstrate, and he did some approaches, and I gave him a personal critique on his approaches.

Nazri’s Results

I noticed that Nazri referred to social interactions as ‘game’ throughout the video. However, that’s just due to old habits and conditioning. Whilst I’m a hundred percent am for ballsing up and approaching girls off the streets that you want to meet, I don’t identify myself as a pick up artist, nor endorse ‘game’ techniques.

I offer these free sessions to better understand clients, my target audience for my live coaching programs in Singapore. I offer such free coaching sessions from time to time. You can get notified by subscribing to my email newsletter.

Ben’s Results

Now, Ben was another individual who was hungry for knowledge and personal change. He took the initial step in contacting me, following up with me and putting himself around a mentor. He also told me that he implimented one of the advice I put on an article. He made the shift away from relying on aggresive, run of the mill pick up mindsets, to a more calibrated, sensitive approach that’s more suited to Singapore culture.

That has gotten him a huge shit in his results.

I’m not saying you can’t be dominating and sensitive in your approaches. There is a right time and right place for that. However, there is a HUGE misconception on how getting good with girls actually works in the Singaporean culture. This is because of the crazy marketing videos you watch online and on Youtube. Great ‘game’ does not work this way.

It’s often counterintuitive and it works the other way round.

Huy To’s Results

Huy To was an ex client who took a hardcore ‘pick up artist’ approach towards getting good with women. During our short time together, he not only managed to get results such as approaching a stranger in the busiest streets of Singapore and getting her number, he also adopted a whole different perspective on getting good with women.

He went from being overly pushy in his social interactions to being more calm and more laidback. He also spoke about the value of authenticity, which is the cornerstone of my site.

AJ’s Results