Most popular pick up techniques.

Pick Up Artist Techniques That You Can Use Today

A while back I read an article about a pick up artist techniques and I decided to use some of what they said to try and help improve myself as a pick up artist. It seemed like a good way to get a few pick up artist techniques for women. At the time I hadn’t found a lot of pick up artist techniques for men and I’d only dated girls. So I looked to other people and what I found may surprise you.

Most pick up artists use some type of canned routines. The pick up artist community seems to think this is a necessity. That is, if you want to get anywhere with women, these routines are what you have to use. The problem is canned routines don’t set women up for intimacy. They set her up for the quick get away.

Canned routines actually do nothing to build intimacy. The artful pick up artist techniques you need to use to set a woman up for a long term, serious relationships are the same as those used by the pick up artist community. Long term commitment is how to get women to open up to you. So the answer to why canned routines work is because they don’t.

The pick up artist techniques that actually set you apart are the techniques that help you build strong muscles of attraction. If you look at the pickup community, you will see that men are all body builders. This has always been true. The difference now is that there is a lot more skinny body guys than there used to be. But you still need to use the basic principles.

Pick up techniques that you can use today.

That is why there aren’t as many canned routines floating around in the pickup community. Those routines tend to be pretty ineffective because they don’t do the work needed to create lasting intimacy. You need to learn how to set women up for long term relationships with you. That’s why the routines that are not working are not very valuable to the new guy either. They don’t do what it takes to get the kind of results that are needed to make it worthwhile to use the routines as a long-run plan.

So instead of using canned routines, what do you need to do? There is only one way to pick up women and that is through routines. And you should choose routines that build attraction and make it possible for you to become an absolute master of attraction. What would that look like? Here are some pick up artist techniques that you can use right now to do just that.

  • The “eye-contact rule” is one of the most important pick up artist techniques that you can use today to build attraction. This is a simple technique that is used by many of the more successful pick up artist in the online dating community. It’s actually a combination of other techniques too so you should learn them all if you want to be a serious pick up artist.
  • The “eye-contact rule” is one of the pick up artist techniques that are not very hard to implement. It is a simple version of building rapport, which is how you will go from just meeting a woman to getting her to seriously consider you as her potential mate. You do this by maintaining eye contact with her for at least 2 minutes after you meet her. This builds attraction like nothing else. Pick up artist techniques like this are not hard to learn and you can see them in action almost instantly. They are very powerful and can dramatically increase your success rate with any woman you meet.