Top pickup artist mistakes.

Mastering the Art of Seduction – Top Mistakes to Avoid

Every new guy and girl go out on their first date always makes the same set of pick up artist top mistakes. They are usually pretty obvious, but it’s still surprising how many people make them. I am going to show you what they are and how to avoid them if you want to go out with a beautiful girl tomorrow. Read this and become smarter.

  1. The top mistake is picking up on someone who doesn’t want to be approached. It’s a shame, because there is nothing wrong with being interested in someone, but you shouldn’t start touching them or feeling up against them just yet. They will give you signals to get you closer, but you need to act a little slower if you want to hold the attraction. This is the number one pick up artist mistake.
  2. The second mistake is making assumptions. You should always be very cautious about how someone acts around you. If you see someone acting funny or awkward, don’t be afraid to ask them how they are. Most people are honest with their feelings, but they may not be telling the truth about themselves. Don’t take it personally if they look nervous, but remember to always respect that.
  3. The third mistake is not paying attention when someone is talking to you. They will talk to you and make comments about your outfit or body language all day, but you can’t see their expressions. So, pay attention and ask them how they are feeling about certain things.
  4. The fourth mistake is saying “no” right away. Saying “no” at the beginning of a conversation will only show that you are needy and that you are easy to get attracted to. Women hate guys who use this tactic. They say it gets them all confused and that it makes them feel dumb. No matter how much you think you love someone, you can’t say “yes” without giving them an inch of their time. Saying “no” will show them that you have self control and that you aren’t a pushover.
  5. The fifth mistake is using compliments with too much force. Everyone loves to be told that they are beautiful, but this isn’t the time to go there. Use compliments with a touch of discretion.
  6. The sixth mistake is not knowing what to say when you go out for a night on the town. When going out to meet new people, you want to look your best. There is nothing worse than seeing a woman walking around with a face filled with pimples and uneven skin from having too much too soon. You will probably notice that you get a lot more eye contact when you are with a girl who has bad skin than you normally do. Be aware that there are some women who purposely pick pimple-prone areas of a woman’s body such as the shoulders and inner thighs to try and get her attention.
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If you are a newbie to picking up girls, you should focus on these six tips. This is by far the best way to go about learning the art of seduction. If you don’t do these things, you can guarantee that you will make a lot of mistakes that will turn off even the most beautiful women. These are the types of mistakes that can kill your chances at getting a second date or even an actual date. Don’t put yourself in a position to screw up ever.

The seventh mistake that many guys make when trying to become a master at the art of seduction is that they think that being attractive to women is all about physical attraction. They fail to realize that being good at what you do comes with confidence. This means that you need to make sure that you are always positive and have a very open and honest heart. Being fake is something that women won’t tolerate and something that you need to learn how to do if you are going to be successful in the field.

Another top art of seduction mistake that you need to avoid is confusing acting with real life. If you are just shooting random shots in the mirror to see how you look, you will look like a phony. This is not something that you should aspire to because it will not help you find love or a date. You will just end up looking like a comedian instead of someone who could use a little help with their confidence issues. Actors, athletes, singers, and other famous people know how to develop their confidence so that they are not self-conscious about anything.

Mastering the art of seduction takes practice, dedication, and patience. Once you understand these top mistakes, you will be able to avoid them whenever you feel like you are going too fast. The last thing that you want to do is go out and try to act naturally without taking the time to learn how to walk the walk and talk the talk. You will not get far if you don’t have the right tools for the job.