Meeting Girls in Singapore

How to Meet Girls in Singapore? – The Definitive Guide

How to meet girls in Singapore?

The quantity and the quality of girls you meet are dependent on different factors and skillsets that you develop. Conquering approach anxiety will increase the quantity of girls you meet and developing communication skills will help with the efficiency of meeting and attracting girls. This can be as simple as placing yourself in social opportunities and then capitalizing on them.

How to Meet Girls in Singapore

How to Meet Girls in Singapore – Demographics

In the book Models by Mark Manson, the author proposes the idea of demographics.

Demographics are basically the places, groups and interests that you spend your time in. The idea of demographics is that you’ll have a high percentage of meeting someone who has the similar values and who values the same interests or passions as you do. The idea is to pursue your own passions and hobbies and you’re likely going to meet and date girls that are pursuing similar passion and hobbies.

For Eg. If you like music, you’re going to meet girls that are into music as well at a music school and you’ll likely have similar life values such as creativity and expression.

I value education and intelligence in a girl, and going to University automatically puts me in an environment where I’m meeting girls pursuing a degree, who are more likely to be intelligent as well.

Traveling for the past 2 years showed me this as well. When I attend events in foreign countries, I often meet girls who are well traveled, or who value travel as well. They are often also more open minded and willing to explore new experiences. These are traits that are I value, and naturally, I’m going to click better with them.

Do note that you’re going to have to pursue passion and hobbies that have the opposite sex participating as well. More masculine sports such as Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai and etc. won’t have as much female participation as compared to others.

For the die hard PUAs: Don’t just hang out with your Singapore pick up artist buddies, go make some other friends.

  • Networking Events

Networking events can be a great way to expand one’s network and meet new people. There are groups specifically for dating and singles on networking platforms such as meet up and Eventbrite.

Be bold in talking to everyone. Just go up and introduce yourself.

Resources (to be added on as I research)

I had great results during my 4 months under a tutelage of a Singapore dating coach due to the like-minded network of friends I had around me.

How to Meet Girls in Singapore – Your Social Sphere

  • University

University is one of the best places to enlarge one’s social circle and get to know more people. It’s also one of the last avenues where you can constantly meet different people by taking part of a wide range of school activities.

How to Meet Girls in Singapore

Your University Sweetheart

University is THE PLACE to be social, meet new girls and it’s one of the last time in one’s life that you’re put in an environment where there’s endless supply of social opportunities. In hindsight, I regreted not taking advantage of my first year in University.

I noticed that many Singaporeans put too much weight on academic success and forget that University is one of the last periods of one’s life where you get to meet a lot of people in one environment. I’m also surprised that many of these students don’t leverage off their University platforms to expand their network, get to know more people and chase more girls.

So, stop being too cool for school.

Joining a co-curricular activity in school is one of the best outlets to expand your social circle. Join a co-curricular activity that you’re genuinely interested. Or take responsibility and take an interest in something.

I’m currently more active in my school social life. For the first time in my life, I’m not too cool for school. That’s a huge improvement from my Junior College days. However, the downsides of school are that the girls I meet are much younger than me. I feel more comfortable with girls who are working or older than me.

  • Colleagues 

There’s an old (Read: Asian?) saying: one should not shit where they’re eating. Basically: you don’t date your colleagues.

I find this limiting. I’ve dated my colleagues. However, the difference is that I handled it responsibly, with accountability and with boundaries.

The girl you’re dating should also be able respect relationship boundaries and is able to communicate openly about work and relationships. As long as both of you are responsible and accountable to your own emotions and feelings and not bring them into the office, dating each other is alright.

So don’t limit yourself.

  • Social Circles

This is our social circles, our secondary friends, our Junior College/Polytechnic groups, our University groups. Social circles are the run of the mill to expand one’s dating opportunities. Social circles can be old friends, colleagues or school friends. It’s important to build a robust social circle based on your personal pursuits and goals in life.

This is a no brainer: Start organising or start joining people for hang out sessions. I know guys who are naturally great a keeping and maintaining different social circles with groups of guys and girls. People hang out with people who value the same things as them. It’s a good opportunity to join interest groups based on your hobbies, passions and interests.

The downside to this is that you might end up losing or breaking up a social circle because you start hitting on a girl within the social circle. From my personal experience, there seems to be a slight boundaries issue in the Singaporean culture.

This causes a lot more friction in the Asian culture than other cultures, and personal experience backs it up.

How to Meet Girls in Singapore – Going Cold

  • Clubs

Clubs are a great strategy to meeting girls in Singapore. Clubs are meet markets and both girls and guys are there to meet someone new. Clubbing with friends that are social connectors and seem to know everyone is a great way to know more people. However, don’t be a value or people leech. Add to the party and vibe, get to know more people, and then introduce these people to each other.

This way, you’re going to be a social connector as well.

  • The Direct Approach

Meeting girls in Singapore can be as simple as approaching them off the streets. Cold approaching comes from the idea from the pick up artist community where you just walk up to a girl on the streets and introduce yourself. It’s the age-old and tested method by hundreds of guys in the pick up community. Mastering the cold approach will open up your dating and sexual opportunities to almost anyone that’s approachable in a public situation.

Basically, the direct approach is the simple idea that you can walk up to a girl, anytime, anywhere and express your romantic/sexual interest in her.

This skillset is probably the hardest to execute and master. You’re going to have to face your fear of rejection, and the fear of what other people think of you. There are also lot of social nuances that has to be accounted for approaching a girl in a Singaporean/Asian setting. No, the creepy police won’t be coming after you, however, it takes extra empathy and conversational skills for this cold approach thing to work.

It’s also commonly lamented that a Singaporean girl is impossible to pick up in a day time setting reasons being that they’re too shy and they’re too conservative. In my experience, it’s doable. However, you’ll need to hone your empathy and conversational skills if you want to get results from approaching girls in the day.


  • Tinder and Online Dating

I don’t really enjoy using Tinder. It’s slow and the prettier girls aren’t really on Tinder. The same principle applies here. Hot girls are always in demand. They are out in clubs, social groups or in shopping malls.

However, assuming that you’re stuck in a deadbeat and need something to get you going. Using Tinder or other dating apps to practice how to text a girl can be a good avenue.

you start attending events that are laser targeting to meet women. This means singles events, dating events, networking events based on your interest.

  • Meet Ups

Singles Events in Meetup.Com

I’ve been to some of these single events. The age group you’re looking at is around slightly older. If you’re 18-25, you’re better off taking part in social events organised in school or your workplace. Nonetheless, these events are a great avenue to meet someone. You’re getting a laser targeted demographic. People who are also looking to meet someone new.

Now, I’m going to sound like an asshole. However, since this is a dating advice for men blog and I know guys getting into this want to date higher quality women, I got to state that you won’t be finding really physically attractive girls hanging about in singles events. This is a harsh reality. Think about it, hot girls are always surrounded by both girls and guys inviting them out to parties and social events. They are in constant demand.

However, if you’re not looking specially for physically attractive girls, then attending these events can be effective.

Closing Thoughts

The direct approach is the strategy I recommend as a Singapore dating coach. It’s also the most effective method. You get to express your interest directly, and you save both you and her time as you’re inviting her to reject you almost immediately.

Ultimately, you also got to curate a lifestyle you are proud of, pursue your passions and become an overall attractive individual.

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