How To Keep Conversations Going: Easy Tips To Make Her Talk Dirty

How To Keep Conversations Going: Easy Tips To Make Her Talk Dirty

How to keep a conversation going in a girl’s mind is one of life s biggest dilemmas. So what do you do? Answer the question… How to keep a conversation going in a girls mind? The good news?

The short answer? Learn how to keep a conversation going with a girl AND save yourself the anxious stress! Not only is this second most common pet peeve, it s also the single biggest reason why guys don’t continue to have conversations with a girl they really like. In fact, most girls are so eroded by this that they will stop having conversations with them as soon as they get home.

Now, you need to know how to keep a conversation going with a girl by setting up the right questions and beginning a casual conversation. The problem is that ninety-five percent of girls do not initiate a conversation with you. They sit there staring at you with their eyes glued to their phones. They don t even look at you! You need to learn how to create a playful environment before even sitting down with them.

This means you must ask them about themselves. This is when the real work begins because you have now given her a little context for what kind of person she is and what her goals are in terms of dating. In other words, you have given her “ground rules” about how to behave in the conversations you have. Without these ground rules, the conversation would have been purely academic and nothing more. So the key to how to keep a conversation going with a girl is to initiate it.

  • One of the best questions to ask is “What do you do for a living?” This question immediately starts a sense of inquiry and curiosity. Even if they are not directly responding, you are already starting the ball rolling. If you follow this line of questioning with something like “What would you like to try out for dinner?”
  • Once you get the playful conversation started, it will be easy to continue the conversation by casually referring to past experiences. You can use “past experience” as a trigger word or you can just describe how you felt or what you ate the prior night. By using descriptive words, you are creating the perfect situation to spark your girl’s interest.
  • The third and final tip is to maintain the conversation in an even pace. This means that you should not rush things. Women love when guys take their time talking. It creates a sense of trust and gives the impression that you are interested in her as a person, not only as a sexual object.

These three tips are the fundamentals on how to keep a conversation going. The best thing to do is to practice them each day and pay attention to how your body language changes. Pay attention to how you are talking to her and how you are moving around. By following this advice consistently, you will notice a huge difference over time.

So, what about those funny questions? How do you use them to start a great conversation? First of all, using humor is a good way to get a woman’s attention. Even if she isn’t into you right away, you never know when she might ask a question that gets you talking about something fun and spicy.

What about making the girl feel like you really care about her? One of the biggest benefits of chatting with a girl is the fact that you always have the chance to talk about something exciting. If you haven’t had much success in the past, there is always the option of asking her out. But, never forget the most important rule about chatting with a girl. You need to build on your relationship first.

The last but definitely not the least crucial tip on how to keep a conversation flowing is to take the time to snap photos of her. I don’t know why more guys don’t try this little trick. A girl will definitely appreciate it if you take the time to snap photos of her every time you are together. She will feel special every time you do this and will be touched by your kind nature.

These are just some simple tips on how to talk dirty to a girl. Remember to talk about something interesting. Never bore her or make her feel like you are bored with her. If you follow these simple steps, you will surely find that conversations with women go much better than usual.