How to Invest in the Apple Stock Market

How to Invest in the Apple Stock Market

The turbulent world of stock trading can be fascinating at times but can also be very frustrating and confusing. If you’re trying to invest in the stock market today, you’ve undoubtedly heard all of the advice that is being given by the pros. These experts include Wall Street professionals who know the business and the insider secrets that the private sector’s well-secured investment firms are hoarding. So what do they all have to tell us about buying Apple shares?

The apple stock split has become the talk of the town, and rightly so. It is a split that has occurred at an opportune moment for investors. Apple (AAPL) saw its stocks skyrocket into record high territory during the second quarter of this year amidst reports of brisk holiday sales. But with such a sharp pullback by Apple, many investors are now wondering whether or not Apple is a good buy at this time. To be sure, it’s easy to see how a company like Apple can go through a tough quarter, especially after it cut its March quarter fiscal outlook significantly lower. However, a smart investor who looks past the immediate jitters will realize that there are compelling reasons that investors should consider waiting for the second half of this year before getting in.

Apple’s core business of making iPhones and iPod devices continues to perform strongly, even in the face of tough competition from other major players in the cell phone industry. Even as competitors like BlackBerry and Android fight for the smart phone market, Apple maintains its firm grip on the consumer psyche with its simple, uncomplicated user experience and a long list of high-quality applications that appeal to consumers of all ages. Further, even as competitors fight to get their message across to the consumer, Apple’s reputation among savvy buyers ensures that it will continue to grow. The company has also released some amazing hardware products like the iPad, which has further cemented its place as one of the most desired tablets on the market today.

So what does this mean for Apple shares? As a company that is experiencing strong growth in recent years, it makes sense for investors to hold onto their shares of apple stock until the end of its second decade. This means holding onto shares of AAPL for the next ten years, giving investors time to properly build up their portfolio. In terms of a guideline, we’ll set aside two percent of an investment portfolio to be invested in shares of any given stock during each one year. So that means that if you purchase five hundred shares of AAPL during the next year, you’ll have owned them for five years. Since we’ve chosen to hold off on buying for the next ten years, that gives us an investment guideline of eight percent.

Invest in the Apple Stock Market.

Looking at the second part of the guideline, we’ll now look at how the stock market may react to any news or new development involving Apple. The second part of the apple stock market guide deals with what’s called the “over the counter” stock market. The over the counter market, also known as OTC, is simply a marketplace where anyone can buy or sell stocks without needing to go through a broker. As an example, there are over the counter stock exchanges where people can buy and sell stocks directly. They differ from the standard stock exchange in that they are not overseen by the Securities and Exchange Commission, so it is difficult to know for sure how their prices and lists will change.

In order to get an idea of how the market will react to any new developments or news involving Apple, you’ll want to check out the latest information and reports. One good site to check out is the Investor’s Daily Business Report. The IBT reports on a regular basis, including Apple earnings, as well as other companies that make great profits from Apple products or the mobile industry in general. The site also does an analysis of Apple earnings for the last several years along with giving the latest on phones.

Another excellent site to follow is AllWire. AllWire features the financial section of the Wall Street Journal, giving you news on everything that affects Wall Street, from Earnings surprises, stock splits, to the latest on Apple. It also highlights how certain businesses and industries have done well during Q3, providing an in-depth look at some of the top earning sectors. This particular site gives you a complete overview of what Q3 meant for Apple, providing the most up-to-date financial information available.

The apple category on Nasdaq includes many well-known small cap companies. For investors new to the stock market, Nasdaq provides the home page for every company in the category along with:

  • company news;
  • latest news general company info;
  • the Nasdaq ticker symbol.

The pink sheets also offers information on apple, with an index page featuring company profiles. The pink sheets list all of the Nasdaq members and are available at a cost of $ NASDAQ. Because of the limited nature of Nasdaq, you should use the services of a reliable financial research company to guide your investment decisions regarding the apple category on Nasdaq.