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How to Create a Tinder Profile That’ll Get You Dates


I’ve never really paid much attention to online dating as I don’t really have the patience to craft out witty texts to a girl’s attention.

I have a theory. The hot girls already have all the attention in their day to day social lives and what makes you think you can stand out through a profile photo?

Furthermore, why would they bother with some stranger on Tinder when they’ve already got all the validation/ attention and potential partners in real life? This is especially so if you’re younger and your target demographic of girls is younger.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at the ‘influencers’ Instagram profiles. You just got to flaunt some ass and legs, take some nice photos and it’s enough to build surmountable following on social media

Nonetheless, I decided to test out some concepts to maximize my results in online dating. I’m not positive though. I’m currently targeting the demographic of girls from 18-25. They either are in University or have just entered the workforce. It’s worth a try, and I decided to do some research on this subject.

Note, I’m writing this to target physically attractive girls. Some of them might be quite provocative, but that’s the point. It’s done to separate you from the thousands of guys that swipe right on her profile.

The Photos

Tinder allows you 6 photos. It’s recommended to maximize all of them.

The key to photos to get someone else to take them for you. Forget selfies. That’s because it demonstrates that you have friends and other people around you. One good camera angle is the snapshot effect. These are photos taken ‘in the moment’ as if you’re not even planning to take that shot. The snapshot effect sets you apart from all the other guys.

Online Dating Singapore

One good example of Asian guys is the snapshot in the middle.

It’s recommended that you include group photos, your lifestyle and hobbies in your other photos.

Note, this profile should be congruent to your lifestyle and hobbies and shouldn’t be used just to maximize results on Tinder.

The Profile

I used to think that you got to write an essay for your Tinder/Online dating profile. The truth is that the more you write, the more try hard it looks like. Go with something simple, in short sentences that describe your passions, lifestyle and hobbies.

My current profile looks like this:

Singaporean, fought in a ring once. Entrepreneurship, travel, fitness. Pancakes.

It’s short, simple and sweet. The profile displays one interesting fact about myself, alongside with my hobbies and my interests. The word ‘pancakes’, is something fun and interesting to take off all the pressure from all the ‘serious talk’. You can replace word this with something funny on your own, like sushi or something.

The Provocation Line

You should also add in one provocation line:

  • Please don’t be fat in real life 😀
  • Sometimes, I super like all the ugly girls 😀
  • Natural born asshole 😀

The key here is to set apart from all the nice guys (which is 95% of the men) profile. It’s also used to provoke a reaction from a girl into swiping you and being interested in you. I added in my own smiley face to tone the ‘assholeness’ down because I’m writing this guide for the Singaporean audience, and as much as you want to come across as the asshole rock star that gets all the girls, in Singapore culture, it’s not going to work.

It’s better to be the goof-ish, childish, slightly retarded and tone it back a little.

ClickBait to Social Media

Online Dating Singapore

Not the right kind of click bait, apparently.

Tinder allows you to merge your Instagram profile on your Tinder profile, however, how many girls actually do click on your Instagram profile? Not a lot. The click bait to social media gets get clicking on your Instagram profile and instantly, you got a huge load of social proof or ‘display of value’.

I added this one line to my Tinder profile:

Stalk me on Instagram (@TheMarcusNeo) but don’t freak out when you see it.

There’s nothing actually freakish about my Instagram profile. However, it’s just to get her clicking to your profile. Note that this only works IF you take the time and effort into curating a lifestyle and an interesting Instagram profile.

Being Selective 

It’s said that the Tinder algorithm is sensitive to your selectivity of swiping. Your profile is going to show up more often to hotter girls (who are extremely selective) if you’re selective as well.

So, don’t just spam the swipes. Just like in real life, it’s best to focus on quality, rather than quantity. Furthermore, it’s quite demoralizing to only get matches from girls you aren’t really interested in.

The Reality of Hot/Pretty/In Demand Girls

You might think that these techniques to online dating is the next cure for cancer. However, you’re going to be sorely disappointed if you’re aiming for the top 20% of girls in terms of aesthetics wise. You’re not going to get much results.

Unless you’re a model, with 6 pacs or a really overall nice physique, the majority of the guys I observed using online dating as an avenue get results only with physically mediocre girls.

This isn’t surprising either. The young, attractive 18-29-year-old lady is going to get overflowing attention from her social media, her Instagram, from her social circle, from her colleagues and etc just because of one fucking reason: her looks. She’s not going to pay much attention from some random dude sending her messages from her Tinder profile.

Personal Experience

I’ve gone out a couple of times with girls from Tinder in Singapore. The results are mostly mediocre. I often get more matches abroad in foreign countries as compared to Singapore. However, I’m also aware that I’m quite selective of swiping the girls on Tinder.

There was once I met a girl who was much more plump in real life than in her photos. In her photos, she looks really slim. She told me she was an ex-air stewardess and she put on weight recently. How convenient was it for her to use her slim photos!

The only girl I hooked up with ever on Tinder was a law student. She was Indian. She wasn’t exactly the hottest girl around. I didn’t really go for her because of her looks, I went for her because she was able to intellectually connect and converse with me.

Closing Thoughts

When I started off as a pick up artist, I focused on meeting women through social circles and approaching them in clubs. I much preferred this approach because I was just too lazy to be texting and swiping all day.

Tinder or other online dating apps should not be a replacement for meeting women by improving your social skills to connect better with others. Furthermore, why should you waste time effort and money going out with girls that you’re not that into?

There’s a limitation to words and a 3 sentenced Tinder profile. You can’t see, touch or feel emotions when you’re staring into a 4 by 10 centimetres screen.


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