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The Perfect First Date – a How To Guide

What to do on a first date with a girl? What’s the fastest way you can seduce a girl?

Personally, if I’m not getting anywhere with the girl from the first to third date, it’s highly likely that nothing’s going to happen. That’s just been my personal experience and track record. Couples often get together really fast, in my personal experience, cause if a girl’s attracted to you, and you don’t act upon it, she’s going lose that attraction.

What to Do on a First Date with a Girl?

What to Do on a First Date with a Girl?

You want your dates to be efficient. Not all dates are going to lead to sex. You’re not going to enjoy every single date, and not every girl is going to be into you.  Be air tight about your time. If you don’t like her or she’s not showing any interest in you, feel free to walk off and end the date right there and then. Be a man of boundaries and strong personal values.

It’s also recommended not to do lunch dates, save dates for the night time to generate more expectation. Oh yeah, a date out with her friends is not a date.

The general idea of what to do on a first date with a girl is to make her feel comfortable, alway be leading and be unapologetically trying to seduce her.

Getting her To Invest Time, Money and Effort

One of the best concepts I learned from my a mentor, a Singapore dating coach, is getting her to invest time, money and effort.

This can be as simple as meeting her midway instead of driving to pick her up. Or as simple as going dutch on the first date. I know, it’s not really gentlemanly of you not to pay, for me, I personally make it a game, I’ll pay first, and then I’ll get her to buy me drinks or something else later.

Psychological research shows that people value things more when they get they invest personal time, money and effort.

Wait… So Who Pays on the First Date?

It’s said that there’s an intrinsic sense of chivalry that women enjoy that makes them feel feminine and sexy when you pay for them. The primary attractor in women is status and security. Taking care of them and paying for them can lend itself to that.

I’ve been on many dates with girls who are earning much higher income than me. In Singapore, the guys often go out to the working world later as they’ve got 2 years of national service in the military. The girls often are working much earlier than the guys. In mu experience, the girls I’ve been on dates with don’t mind going dutch.

Here’s how I normally do it, I want it to be a team effort. I’ll often pay first, and then tell her to buy something else in return later. Don’t be uptight and stingy, If you’re earning an income, then it would make sense for you to pay for her.

It all depends on context and situation.

Introducing Opportunities for Physical Intimacy

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This is an example of what NOT to do. Notice the sitting arrangement.

Forget boring movie or dinner dates. One of the core principles of seduction is physical intimacy. You aren’t really being interactive with a girl on a movie date. You can’t touch a girl when she’s sitting across you during dinner. The problem with these dates is that they’re often costly, and it’s really boring to just sit across someone and to merely converse with them for the next 2 hours.

I normally start off the date by getting coffee (low cost) and getting to know the person in personal first.

Great Date Ideas:

  • Walk in the parks
  • Walk by the beach
  • Window shopping
  • Visiting the bookstore
  • Get her to join you in one of your hobbies

These are often the ideas that I’ve re-used tens of times during my journey as a Singapore pick up artist. In these dates, it’s not only low cost, it also allows you to introduce the element of physical flirting as you’re both doing something together.

Planning Out the Route to From Date to Sex

You’re going to want to allow your time for at least three activities. So start at around 6 pm. You want to be peaking together at around 10 pm or 11 pm. She has to have the “I need to go home, but I don’t want to yet” feeling.

The classic rule is to take her to different date places. It’s shown that if you’re the constant among all these changing places, she’s more likely to be more comfortable with you. It’s a psychological trick. However, you can’t be bouncing her aimlessly, you got to be taking her from date to sex. That’s how you seduce a girl with a good game. You already have everything planned out.

This requires you to be spontaneous, and have good knowledge about your surroundings and your city.

The Progressive Date:

  • Meet her midway in town for coffee at Starbucks
  • Window shopping
  • Check out a street performance
  • Grab drinks at a bar near my place
  • Find an excuse for her to stay at my place

The progressive date rule also follows the first rule of getting her to invest time, money and effort.

Find a mid way point between you and her that both of you can meet. The time of this should be around in the evening. This way, she’ll be taking up time and effort to travel to meet you as well. First, meet her for coffee. Get to know her as a human being. Get her to be comfortable and open up to you.

Secondly, go do some activities together, such as window shopping and checking out a street performance. If you’re in a shopping haven like in Singapore, you can go window shopping. This is both of you walking side by side.

You should be trying to touch her by now. You should already be introducing flirting elements in your conversations and punctuating your sentences with slight touches. You can tease her, and then qualify her for the things you like about her.

Before it gets too late, suggest an awesome bar near yours and tell her you to want to get drinks. Lead, lead and always lead. Either take a cab or the public transport to the bar. At the bar, choose a seat that plants you beside her, instead of in front of her. Either that, just lift your chair, and sit beside her. I’ve done that a couple of times. Remember, girls, desire to be desired, being physical with her fast is going to differentiate lots of dates or lots of ex girlfriends.

Before you get her to your place, she has to be already feeling seduced to a certain point. If you’re not making out with her and holding hands with her at this point of your date. Then you’re highly like unable to get her back to yours. If you are, then good, you now just got to find an excuse to get her to your place. I use to drive to mine without saying anything, and she just keeps quiet in the car.

These days, I just ask her to chill at mine. Or I just say: ‘let’s chill at mine’. Remember, always make sure you’re not making a girl feel like a slut. Take the pressure off her. At this point, you can also introduce frames such as: Telling her not to mess up your room. Telling her if she stays over she’s sleeping on the floor, and you’re getting the bed. Stuff like that to take the pressure off her, and make her feel less of a slut.

When you’re finally back at yours, make her feel comfortable. Then slowly be physically intimate with her. If she resists your advances, then empathise with her.

Get her to play your guitar, box her around with your boxing gloves and be keep it genuinely light-hearted and playful. This is something I still do great. When a girl is at my place, I treat her like a sister that I never had and sometimes, I even take it too far, and I forget to keep the seductive element in mind.

When you start kissing and there’s a bedroom involved, it’s highly likely that both of you are going to have sex. This can happen on the first to the third date.

If you’re not at the final base by the third date, she’s either not looking/willing for casual sex or she has different values from you about casual sex. Either that, your game is bad and you don’t know what to do on a first date with a girl.

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