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Can’t Seem to Land a Date, Much Less Get a Girlfriend?
I’ll Show You the Step by Step System I Used to go from a Social Misfit, to Getting Endless Dates, all around the World. Countless Dates, or Your Dream girl.
Your Choice.

Over the last 7 years, I collated ideas from the best in the world: dating coaches, self help gurus, pick up artists, psychologists, you name it, I researched it. I also poured 10s of thousands of dollars learning from the best in the world.

I also spent the last 7 years, travelling all over the world.

I approached, dated, numerous girls from all over the world. In addition to that, I’ve also seen countless of guys screw it up in the multiple of ways possible.

Through this 6 years, I went from a misfit, Junior college drop out, to someone who could jump on a plane, fly to another country and be able to confidently meet, attract and date beautiful and intelligent women.

I dated models featured on National Newspapers, University students, girls from Japan, Bali, Thailand, Taiwan, United States, fell in love with girls from foreign cultures, left heart strings all over the planet. I had the dating life of my dreams. I could make friends, meet girls in any part of the world I went.

It was a lot to handle as a young man. It was a lot of fun, and I had many good stories and embarrassing ones. The partying, the crazy sex stories, the time to time heartbreaks.

This lasted for a good 6 years.

I also spent the time collating my ideas, writing about it, documenting it, researching it, putting it into understandable systems for me and you to understand.

However, it became meaningless for me. When you can jump on a plane and date a girl in a completely foreign country, life gets a little weird for you. I instrinsically knew needed a higher purpose than that. I didn’t want to coach initially because:

  1. I didn’t want to be associated with sleazy pick up artists
  2. I know most people weren’t willing to put the tiny extra effort that’s required to go from mediocre to excellent

However, it came to the point where I knew I thought… why don’t I give this a shot? I’ll also like contribute back to help others achieve the same results as I did.

It Didn’t Used to be Like This

I used to be so socially un-tuned that people would stare at me weirdly. I was thinking to myself, if ‘I’m myself’, others can’t relate. On the flipside, if I was too aggressive, people merely were turned off because they thought that I was being against them.

You also secretly feel hurt or inferior to others. You may see others get along and you think to yourself… things are just not happening for me. Or do you think to yourself: do others get envious or jealous of me?

Let’s be honest with yourself. You’re NOT getting any younger. You may have spent time, money and effort on dating agencies. Or even on prostitutes. It doesn’t work. You’re not solving the root of the problem.

Or maybe you’re tired of meeting women through friends. You maybe you’ve tried match making, or even prostitutes. However, you’re not solving the real issue. You haven’t put in the real work of having an honest interaction with another human being.

You’re probably puzzled and confused, and can’t seem to hold a conversation beyond five minutes with a beautiful lady. You run out of words, or can’t even say Hi, much less, exchange numbers.

Or perhaps you’re the guy that likes to play games, stay indoors and only hang out with your guy friends. You didn’t get much opportunity to talk to girls. Even though you saw all your friends getting girlfriends, you convinced yourself that you didn’t care about talking to girls that much. You parents may have always told you to be a ‘good boy’, not to interact with people or talk to strangers.

And when you did start talking to girls, people start gossiping about it. People started making fun of you. Maybe when you liked a girl, you spoke to her and the risk of rejection is more painful than not trying at all. You then think to yourself: it’s better to stock to guys, all the good girls are already taken.

Or maybe you find yourself in a position where you can’t approach anyone. You think to yourself ‘that person seems nice’. You tell yourself ‘she’s probably with another guy’. You walk away with your excuses, and fear of judgment form others.

Or maybe you find yourself being extremely needy. If you have just one girl you’re talking to, you worry too much about it. You may think: if I took a risk in the interaction, I may lose her.

Whilst documenting 6 years of my knowledge and journey, I got published on ‘The Thought Catalog of Asia’, Good Men Project, Yellow Pages Singapore and other authority blogs with hundreds of thousands of readers.



Good Men Project

Let’s Talk about You

You’re probably here because you are facing problems in your dating life. You also genuinely want to get better with women.

I know some of the problems you face:

You were always waiting for someone that knows someone to introduce you to that someone. Or maybe, your friends are in long term relationships and so you can’t go out with friends to meet more women. Even worst, what if all your friends have dead end social lives and call you ‘superficial’ and ‘fake’ for wanting to you to get better at this area of your life?

You also know that you need to get this area of life handled. You need like minded individuals in your own social circle and can’t go far with your own efforts.

Or maybe you don’t want to date your colleagues. You don’t want to ‘shit where you eat’.

Or maybe, you just came off a horrendous long term relationship, perhaps a divorce even, and you can’t find to get your feet up.

Well, it’s understandable. When couples finish University, switch careers, or when the sex gets boring… life gets in the way… there’s no longer any passion.

You’re also probably afraid to lose her… and you let it drag on, and it secretly kills you inside.

Or perhaps, you just can’t even get a girl out on a date?

You stare at her blankly, you fail to ask her out on a date time and time again. Even when you do, you fail time and time again to hold her hand, you do not know when or how to kiss her. You also fail to take her home night after night.

Or maybe you can’t just seem to get her to reply you. Even if you do, she replies with a one sentence-d boring answer that leaves you thinking if she’s ‘playing hard to get’.

She loses interests… and you lost it.

Or maybe, you were always the Nice Guy and had lots of female friends. However, not a single one always come back to you and say: ‘Sorry, I only see you as a friend.’

The many times you confessed to her after months or even years… and she awkwardly tells you that she only sees you as a good friend.

She sees you only as a friend.

Or perhaps you have tried some slimy pick up artist methods and creep-ed everyone around you out…

It’s all Possible

Some times do you think to yourself: are you playing way below what you’re capable of and your abilities?

Imagine that the day you decide to be less of a nice guy, someone who is a little more polarizing. Someone who can really spike her emotions. Someone who isn’t seen as ‘logical’ and ‘boring’.

Imagine the day you are able to talk to anyone and form relationships with them, both guys and girls. You’re able to give them a sense that you’re trustworthy and mature, even if it was a non sexual relationship.

Imagine if you’re able to naturally talk to girls anytime, anywhere, come across as an interesting and not get intimidated. You are able to get their contacts. You may go on a date or two, and have the choice to take the relationship where you want, be it sexually or romantically.

If you were like me, you probably want similar things as I do.

You want a life where you can go to a bar on a Saturday night where you can confidently talk to that gorgeous looking girl beside you. You open your mouth and introduce yourself to her. She meekly smiles back at you. You reach out your hand and shake her hand. You then confidently tell her about your night.

She then listens intently. You then calmly put your hand around her, and she sidles up right beside you, her eyes fixed on yours, hanging on every word of yours. When the night ends, you gently guide her out of the bar, down the streets, into an Uber, and back to your place.

You’ll also want to able to bring that beautiful girl on business trips, events and dinners. You in your business suit, her, in her evening gown. You and her, walking hand in hand, through the red carpet of an event, secretly stealing eyes and glances from everyone around me.

You’ll also want to get a caring, feminine, sweet girl to settle down with. Bring her to your family events, show her off to your friends and family.

There will be no more awkward silences on dates. You will know exactly and how to hold her hand, touch her without creeping her out and the exact moment to ask her to come to yours.

Or maybe you’re looking to confidently to be able to meet and date women anytime, anywhere.

Imagine walking down the train station and you see the girls of your dreams staring in her phone and having earpieces in her ears…

You then to simply go up to her and introduce yourself.

Imagine having the rock solid confidence so much so that even if she looks at your weird and completely ignores you, you’ll merely  sniggle it off and go meet another girl.

You see, all of this was thought to be once impossible to me.

Well, I proved myself wrong.

This is why I constructed a 1:1 coaching program that’ll get you from zero, someone with no dates, no numbers, to flooding your whatspp with messages from girls prying for your attention.

The 1:1 Double Your Dating Program

  • 36 Hours of Personalized, Private Coaching

I breakdown your lifestyle, your profession, your demographics and work side by side with you, help you destroy your ‘invisible scripts’ that hold you back from meeting, dating and the girl of your dreams.

Day 1: Friday Evening 7pm to Late

  • The magic bullet fix: How to change your social interactions immediately
  • Real world demonstrations and practice: Night infield 1st Night: You’ll be able to see me demonstrate social skillsets on beautiful, intelligent girls that you can model after in your own life.

Day 2: Saturday Noon 4pm to Late

  • The 2 psychological researched traits on how to be irresistible to her: You’ll be engineering the epitome of masculine attraction. You’ll not only understand the traits of what makes a male irresistible to women, however you’ll also become him.
  • The dating strategies playbook – How to go from wherever you’re currently at to dating the girl of your dreams within the shortest time possible.
  • The 3 pillars: The step by step system that’ll mold your behavior to someone who is irresistible to women. To not only attract women, but double your dating life.
  • Conversational teardowns: You’ll get my secret sauce to conversations, how to never run out of words, how to be charismatic even if you’re socially shy
  • From meet to sex teardowns: How to go from ‘open’ to ‘sex’ in a comfortable, ethical and agreeable manner
  • The Singaporean Tested method: There are many techniques and tactics that you can find online, however, I’m sure those aren’t exactly working out for you. That’s the problem. The majority of those are more applicable in the Western context, and a lot of them do not work in Asian cultures.
  • Real world demonstrations and practice: Night infield 2nd Night: You’ll be able to see me demonstrate social skillsets on beautiful, intelligent girls that you can model after in your own life.

Day 3: Sunday Noon 4pm to Late

  • Why you don’t need ‘natural game’ and what to do instead
  • Why you don’t need ‘lifestyle mastery’, and what to do instead
  • Why you don’t need ‘social circle game’, and what to do instead
  • Debrief: How to Succeed with women for the next 12 Months and onwards

What a Being a Member Really Means

  • One Year Follow up & Accountability

The 24 hours of coaching itself will introduce huge changes in your life, and you’ll be able to see instant results in your dating life right after this.

However, to keep you on track to guaranteed success, there’ll be a one year follow up program where you get personal access to me as your coach to answer any of your questions on dating and relationships, to give you a prep call before a date, to answer your questions about text messages and more.

Clients and Students with Real World Results

Testimonials Compiled

What Can You Do about It?

Perhaps you tell yourself you don’t have time to get into this.

Cause you’re too busy at work, too busy travelling the world, too busy pursuing that hobby, curing cancer, taking care of your pet dog and the many excuses you’ve told yourself for years.

Now, think again, what’s the cost of not getting this girls thing handled?

I’m sure you are here for a reason. You aren’t satisfied with the way things are going in your life.

There are a couple of things you can do about it.

  • Option 1: You can do absolutely nothing

You can keep making uneducated guesses about dating and relationships, reading up on cheesy dating advice, using slimy pick up artist techniques… ugh… don’t get me going.

You can also make your own mistakes, wasting precious time and effort, that can be spent… actually going out with girls.

You can also choose to use your achievements to earn sex or confidence. You can chase that next degree, next job, next promotion. Hoping that one day, some girl will just recognize your for who you are. For all the years of hard work, that went into your studies, your career and etc.

You can continue splashing money on tables at the club JUST to get girls to sit in at your table.

You can continue to wait for a friend of a friend of a friend to hopefully introduce to that ONE girl… Never feel empowered in your relationship life.

You can continue to chase that job, that car, that condo that credit card… all in order to impress her… all while sacrificing your self esteem and emotional well being.

The worst of them all: you can continue to take the wrong advice: buy her flowers, get a 6 Pac, blah blah blah.

Or you can understand how to get your dream girl the right way, get some professional coaching and advice that has worked for myself and countless others in our community.

Ultimately, finding a girl who’ll appreciate you for who you are. Your weakness and strengths.

  •  Option 2: You can use ‘Game’

You continue watching YouTube videos, on ‘State’, on ‘Game’ and find yourself endless frustrated in clubs and be ever confused about your dating life.

You can go for other questionable dating programs/PUA training/ PUA boot camps that over promise results through ineffective methods.

Warning: You might end up with coaches that can’t even approach a girl… like I once did.

You could also go to the clubs by yourself, read all the pick up artist material by yourself. However, ask yourself this, have you?

You probably had.

However, after all these years if you’re still not getting the results you want, you must be doing something wrong right?

  • Option 3: You can bullshit yourself

You can pretend to fake ‘confidence’ or ‘being good with women’.

You spend countless more hours hitting the gym for, years and years working in joke you don’t like, jut to buy that condo, splashing cash to get that fancy car, being in credit card debt… just so you can impress her.

You know you’ll need to get this area of your life sorted out, even if your other areas of your life is sorted out, you’ll feel incomplete without this skillset. You may even be thinking to yourself, you feel disappointed for yourself for not doing more, earlier on in your earlier days in school or University.

  • Option 4: You can risk nothing

OR, you can register for this 100% money guarantee back training, get professional coaching, professional advice, that has worked for countless others, including myself and actually learn something about attracting women… make your first step to getting your dream girl to be appreciate you for who you are, your weakness and your strengths.

FINALLY, make your first step to being with that dream girl who is intelligent, nurturing, feminine that you know deep down that you deserve. 

Now, I Won’t be Coaching You If:

  • You believe in pick up artist strategies or want to be a pick up artist

Firstly, I don’t identify myself as a pick up artist or the PUA community.

Just like how I wanted to get good with girls, I want my clients to become their most desirable selves, attracting, meeting and dating quality girls that liked them for who they are, and NOT trick girls into bed.

Furthermore, PUA tactics are only found to work on low self esteem girls.

We’re here to date beautiful, intelligent, high self esteemed girls. Remember?

Now, if you’re coming from a pick up artist background, I recommend reading my personal story on why using pick up artist strategies isn’t the way to go.

If you change your mind, then we’re good to go.

  • You are in financial struggle

If you’re in credit card debt or are in any form of financial struggle. No amount of dating advice will help you.

  • You are suffering from severe form of social anxiety

If you’re suffering from severe form of social anxiety. You’re probably not right for this program.

Yes! I’m Ready to Double My Dating Life Through this Private 1:1 Coaching
Cost of program: $1995
No Upsells, no Side Sells, Just a Laser Focused Crafted Program that Works

I’m ready to apply for the 1:1 Double Your Dating Coaching Program Right Now
I also understand that the 1:1 Double Your Dating Coaching Program gets fast results and is easy for ANY person use.

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