Are You Stuck For Some Strictly Lingo? Here Is A Dumb Meaning for Something Strictly Lingo!

Name stupid, you say? Well, not literally. But if you read the dictionary definition of stupid, you will find out that it is a noun meaning foolish or insane. So how does one go about coming up with a silly meaning for a personality quiz?

The first step I took in coming up with studious translation was to understand exactly what the question was about. In my Spanish speaking study, I came across a few common questions asked on the Personality Quiz, and I decided to focus on those questions to see what I could come up with as a studious translation. Once I had a very rough idea of the question, I began looking for the answer. The next step in coming up with studious meaning was to actually try and translate the question itself.

Name Dumb, Name Stupidity, and the Secret Meaning. The first question I translated was, “I’m having some trouble with spelling my name, can you tell me what is studious?” and then I listed a few names. This list included names like Dumbbell, Dummy, Stupid, and so on.

When I started doing my personality analysis, I wanted to see if there were any other weird name translations that fit the question. In my experience, there are only two possible translations for the word:

  • stupid;
  • stupid and studious.

So I eliminated those from my list. The next question I decided to address was the common translation for “dumb.” It would be more appropriate to use “dumbious” to translate here, since that is the term used when referring to dumb people, but I left the word out because it didn’t fit the question, which was “What is stupid about being stupid?”

After I did my list, I generated some names from the dictionary that might fit the question. The first one I generated was “Silly,” which seems to fit the translation well. The next one on the list was “Dumbbell,” which is an interesting choice. Finally, I generated “Stupidity” to see if that might be a translation worth investigating. The common translation for “stubborn,” which I already had in my vocabulary, was not listed, so I created a new list.

The next step is personality testing. I asked the persons in the group, how they saw the self-esteem of the members in the group. They gave ratings to ten different factors, and I correlated the responses to the names on my list. Here’s what I found:

“Nerdy” was a perfect name for a slow learner. “Curious” was a perfect name for a person who enjoys reading as a hobby. “Inner” was a perfect name for a person who’s curious about other people’s behavior. “Idiot” would describe someone with an irritating voice. “Gentleman” would describe a respectful person.

I believe there are two different types of stupid. One type is the stupid negative meaning, and the other is the stupid positive meaning. Sometimes a person is simply stupid, because he’s used to being treated that way. Other times, a person has this kind of stupid sense due to something in his past. Maybe his parents never told him to be careful, or his sibling did. If your toddler is dealing with the negative consequences of his actions, consider giving him a stupid silly word that might help to redirect his attention.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a name yet. I’ve had my family name for as long as I can remember, and the last name was chosen when we first moved in together. It fits perfectly. The funny thing is, our neighborhood has always hated our last name, so I guess it wasn’t a very good name to begin with. Once we changed the name, however, people started calling us all kinds of names like, “My God, they’re so mean!”

There are some times when it’s just appropriate to use a negative word to describe something. I find it hard to imagine a time when that would be necessary, but there are. My brother’s dog bit my son, which is not a good thing. The boy didn’t think too much of it, but the dog thought it was a real deal. He bit my son on instinct, which was completely uncharacteristic of him.

In retrospect, I think he probably wanted to show me that he wasn’t that weak. I’ve also known men get upset because they think they’re being called stupid by their girlfriend or wife. If you’ve ever been with an angry person, you know what I’m talking about. It doesn’t even matter why the other person is upset. You should try to understand the person so you can let them know that you’re not trying to hurt them. If you say something stupid, it doesn’t make them mad, it makes them feel stupid.

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